As an LA native, entrepreneur, mother, and owner, Janay Robinson, began her research on natural immune boosting alternatives in response to the Global Pandemic of 2020. Her intent was to protect herself and her young son. In her efforts to educate herself first, she delved deeply into the teachings of Dr.Sebi and began trying her hand at traditional homemade remedies. Experimenting with different superfood mixtures, she came up with the perfect superfood blend suitable for adults and children. 

Royal Health Selections Products

Inspired by the abundance of positive feedback from close friends and family she extended her reach through social media and shared her product with the masses. As her knowledge grew, she witnessed the daily lifestyle improvements of her already loyal customers, it was inevitable that her journey into the world of natural and organic healthcare began. 

Royal Health Selections offers 100% Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel, Premium Irish Moss Blends, as well as other beneficial supplements suited for a healthier lifestyle. Sea Moss offers benefits such as boosts in immunity, increased energy, weight loss, and so much more. With your health in mind, here at Royal Health Selections, we invite you to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and select your best health.